We bring 17 years of experience to the custom packaging industry, but more than that, we bring a whole new perspective to the business.  We set ourselves apart in the packaging industry by redefining how we create, design and deliver your custom packaging but just as importantly, we are striving to redefine how we interact and communicate with our clients.  Specifically, we want our clients to know every time they call, we have the ability to create a totally custom and unique packaging option both unique and cost-effective.  Simply put, we want to help our client create packaging that is not just custom, but also; intimate, personal and unique to their product(s) and business.
What we've done for the past 17 years is help retailers and manufacturers change how they view packaging, by conveying the brand's image in both a lasting and memorable way.  We have served hundreds of retailers and manufacturers with their traditional and custom packaging needs.  Some of our current and past clients include Diesel, Esprit, Wet Seal, Arden B., Delia’s, Charlotte Russe, Sean John, Sketchers, and many others as well as many independent retailers and boutiques.  We also service hundreds of trade show, hotel, spa, hospital, and food and beverage clients.  Our top priority is to move the packaging industry in a more eco-friendly direction.  We are achieving this by providing several lines of packaging options that utilize 100% recycled paper and plastic in the manufacturing process.
Choosing Premier Custom Packaging to be your partner for all of your packaging needs, your company will know we understand your need to be progressive, innovative and unique in today’s economy.  We also understand our philosophy applies not only to the how we create, design and deliver your product, but also to the way we communicate with you, the client.  We are fully aware that to effectively merchandise a product, a company must have a recognizable brand associated with it.  Premier Custom Packaging can take your vision for that product and help you bring it to life.  Whether your company needs a brand or logo created, designed and implemented into new packaging or simply needs its existing brand or logo incorporated into a custom packaging option, Premier Custom Packaging can help you stand out from your competitors.  If you’re ready blaze a new trail and set your company and its products apart with its packaging, give us a call.  Premier Custom Packaging will help your company be a trendsetter!